What we do

​Local chapters support your efforts and will help deliver your fund raising to the beneficiary(s) chosen so long as they meet our criterion of being truly selfless and not for profit.  No one should benefit from the illnesses and misfortune of others.  It's time to bring fund raising back as it was intended in our hearts - to help one another without expecting anything in return!

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Locally: Pink Heals of Collin County

Nationally: Pink Heals Tour

Pink Heals of Collin County

​The Pink Heals Program was conceived and founded by Dave Graybill, a retired firefighter and former professional athlete. A loving father of two healthy children who selflessly spent his inheritance to golf across America to raise money for sick children. A visionary man who has made it his philanthropic mission to change the manner in which our country fund raises from one that focuses on causes and ribbons to one that focuses on the human element again and keeps monies raised in a community within that community to benefit its people.



Supporting People, not Causes

Founder of Pink Heals