Pink Heals brings a community together out of Love, not on behalf of a cause or a ribbon, but on behalf of People!  Pink Heals uses the color PINK to represent women and their families, NOT a specific disease.  This is NOT about breast cancer, but about ALL illnesses and needs within a community that can be cured or supported by keeping fund raising money within the community, county or state!

​We put our volunteerism and our labor of love to work for the people in your community.   According to our mission the money raised by your community efforts, be it individuals, public servants, or local businesses, should stay local - in your community, county or state.

First and Foremost

About Pink Heals

Pink Heals of Collin County

Meet the Collin County Chapter founders

Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer found Pink Heals after the National Tour made it's stop in Collin County in 2015. Being an 8 year thyroid cancer survivor, Jennifer's connection to the organization was sealed as she signed her name to one of the Pink trucks.


The Collin County Chapter

As an organization, the founders and volunteers which are helping to get the chapter off the ground hold close ties to helping people in our community. For us it is all about supporting people, not causes.

Michael Pace

Michael and his family found Pink Heals after being introduced to the organization by Shawn. Having a child who is currently in remission, Michael and his family have looked for an organization which allows for them to give back and help families who may have similar situations.


Shawn Mosley

While out on an afternoon drive with his son, Shawn spotted pink fire trucks in a parking lot, in Canton, Texas. Shawn met the Gregg County Chapter that day and they instantly became family. Shawn feels very passionate about giving back to families, after the loss of a step-son.

The Pink Heals Chapter of Collin County is one of many chapters under the National organization of Pink Heals.

Our mission remains the same as the National statement:

To provide Visionary Leaders and Local Businesses with a program that supports people, not causes, through home visits and maintains fundraising dollars locally in support of women and their families!